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  1. Anonymous Bloggers Sued by Law School

    April 4, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  2. Complete Ban on Truthful Advertising

    August 18, 2015CaseFree Speech
  3. The Right to Pass Out “Know Your Rights” Leaflets

    February 28, 2015CaseFree Speech
  4. Decriminalizing Grand Rapids

    December 11, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  5. Unemployment Benefits for Medical Marijuana Patients

    November 4, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  6. Michigan Cities Cannot Ban Medical Marijuana

    February 6, 2014CaseDrug Policy
  7. Challenging “Postcard-Only” Mail Policies

    May 17, 2017CasePrisoners' Rights
  8. Taser Reform

    July 23, 2013CaseSearch and Seizure
  9. Detroit Police Hire Architects of NYPD’s Unconstitutional Stop-and-Frisk Program

    April 24, 2014CaseSearch and Seizure
  10. Impossible Bond Requirement in Forfeiture Case

    May 20, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure