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  1. Criminal Charges and Cars Seized for Going to an Art Gallery

    March 10, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure
  2. Attacks on Women’s Reproductive Health in the Name of Religion

    June 30, 2014CaseReligious Liberty, Women's Rights
  3. Woman Cannot Be Ordered To Have Baby During Divorce

    February 6, 2013CaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  4. Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

    August 31, 2015CaseWorkplace Rights, Women's Rights
  5. Defending Victims of Domestic Violence

    May 19, 2014CaseWomen's Rights
  6. Overcrowded Conditions and Sex Discrimination at Isabella County Jail

    August 26, 2013CaseWomen's Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  7. Class Action Sex Discrimination Case

    May 30, 2013CaseWomen's Rights
  8. Judge Refuses to Appoint Counsel to Jailed Defendant

    September 26, 2014CaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  9. Kicked Out of Public Housing for an Old Conviction

    June 12, 2014CaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  10. Curfew for Minors in Detroit

    June 17, 2015CaseFree Speech, Criminal Justice


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