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  1. ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Affirmative Action

    March 31, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Racial Justice
  2. Full Appeals Court Hears Arguments Challenging Michigan’s Ban on Race-Conscious Admissions

    March 7, 2012Press releaseStudent Rights, Racial Justice
  3. Judge Rules Utica Schools Violated Student’s First Amendment Rights

    October 12, 2004Press releaseStudent Rights, Safe and Free, Free Speech
  4. ACLU Busy in Court, From Free Speech to Due Process

    December 10, 2002Press releaseStudent Rights, Due Process, Free Speech
  5. Court Asked to Strike Down High School Drug Testing Policy

    June 5, 2001Press releaseSearch and Seizure, Drug Policy, Student Rights
  6. Judges Rule High School Strip Searches Unconstitutional

    April 4, 2005Press releaseSearch and Seizure, Privacy & Technology, Student Rights
  7. ACLU Blasts Appeals Court Ruling That Government Not Obligated to Provide Quality Public Education to Schoolchildren

    November 7, 2014Press releaseStudent Rights
  8. ACLU Files Suit to Protect Student’s Right to Free Speech

    March 27, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  9. ACLU Files Motion in Case of Students’ Right to Publish Underground Newspaper

    October 2, 2002Press releaseDue Process, Free Speech, Student Rights
  10. University of Michigan Affirmative Action Case Heard in U.S. Court of Appeals

    December 7, 2001Press releaseRacial Justice, Student Rights