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  1. Retaliatory Election Fraud Prosecution

    May 1, 2018CaseVoting Rights
  2. Emergency Manager Law

    October 22, 2018CaseVoting Rights
  3. Water Shutoffs in Detroit

    June 12, 2018CaseRacial Justice
  4. Discriminatory Tax Foreclosures

    October 22, 2018CaseRacial Justice
  5. Religious Prisoners Deprived of Halal and Kosher Food

    August 21, 2018CasePrisoners' Rights, Religious Liberty
  6. Prisoners Excluded From Civil Rights Act

    March 27, 2018CasePrisoners' Rights
  7. Traffic Stop Quotas Create Racial Profiling Hazard

    June 15, 2018CaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. About Us

    July 3, 2018Page
  9. ACLU Files Complaint with Meijer After Pharmacist Refused to Fill Prescription for Customer Who Miscarried

    October 17, 2018Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  10. Retaliation for Reporting Abuse and Neglect

    June 1, 2018CasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice