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Fancher: Five Steps the Police Can Take to Reduce Racial Bias Toward Blacks

Recent tragic police-related shootings have demonstrated yet again that sudden, violent deaths at the hands of police can capture headlines and public attention. But out of sight and forgotten are...

Hunter: Our Dreams and Our Identities Are Not Mutually Exclusive

It isn’t really about bathrooms, is it? Of course it isn’t. It’s not really even about transgender people. It’s about people being different. Those of us who are fortunate enough to do civil...


LGBT Rights

Five Questions for...ACLU Summer Law Intern Rohit Rajan

Rohit Rajan is a summer intern at the ACLU's West Michigan office. A rising second-year law student at Harvard Law School, Rohit says his journey into civil-rights activism started in high school...

Five Questions for … ACLU Law Intern Jessica Lewis

July 21, 2016
Meet Jessica Lewis, a rising 3L at Harvard Law School and current ACLU of Michigan summer law intern.   After deciding that corporate law "isn't for me," Jessica shifted her focus to practicing law ...

In the Face of Chronic Police Brutality, What Is A "Good Cop?"

Slave patrols were committees of white men established to monitor, track, capture and torture enslaved Africans. Eventually, these groups supplanted local sheriffs and constables as the primary law...

Five Questions for ... ACLU Undergrad Intern Lakyrra Magee

July 15, 2016
Meet Lakyrra Magee, a Social Theory & Practice and Women Studies dual major at the University of Michigan. Lakyrra is one of the ACLU of Michigan’s undergrad interns for the summer of 2016. How...


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