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ACLU of Michigan President Hails Organization’s Continued Growth, Modernization

September 02, 2015
I've served as the president of the ACLU of Michigan for three years, and it has been an enormous pleasure to have this role during such an important and exciting time for the organization. As I came...

Tucker: Can the U.S. Constitution Save Black Lives?

I attended the first Law for Black Lives Conference in New York last week. The Conference—filled with attorneys, law students, legal-aid workers and others affiliated with the legal community—had one...

Graphic Depiction: RFRA ...Through a Child's Eyes

August 04, 2015
Despite the recent landmark Supreme Court ruling in favor of the freedom to marry, the road to full equality for everyone in our state continues to be pocked with obstacles. Few obstacles currently...

Lansing Watchdog: Roads to RFRA

July 30, 2015
With summertime in full swing, the House is on break through August—but the Senate will be working a least through the end of June. Senate leadership scheduled the summer session so that they could...


LGBT Rights

Transgender Advocacy Project Aims to Amplify Voices of Everyday Transgender People

Marriage equality came to the U.S. when the Supreme Court handed down the Obergefell v Hodges decision. This ruling was the culmination of decades of effort by lesbian, gay and bisexual communities...


LGBT Rights

Lansing Watchdog: New Leadership Brings No Change on Roads; EITC Faces Certain Doom

July 13, 2015
Still No Movement on Roads The House and Senate will be in session this week as they seek common ground on a road-funding package after they shirked their responsibility last session and put road...