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The Threat of Privatized-Public Spaces on Free Speech

January 29, 2015
The rights to free speech and assembly are indispensable in a functioning democracy, but private public partnerships (PPPs), often constitute states of exception. Two organizations in Detroit – Women...


Free Speech

Legal Angle: Q&A with LGBT Staff Attorney Jay Kaplan

January 26, 2015
Last week, a federal judge ruled that Michigan must recognize the marriages of more than 300 couples who legally wed after Michigan’s marriage ban was struck down in March. While the ruling is...


LGBT Rights

My Fears for a Future Son

January 13, 2015
At 33 years old, my biological clock isn’t just ticking any longer—its clamoring at me. Like some incessant internal siren, it wails at me day after day, admonishing me that it’s time I started...

Remembering Bill Street

January 09, 2015
The ACLU of Michigan and all those who treasure civil liberties lost a giant last week, when ACLU of Michigan cooperating attorney William Street died. Bill was the face of the ACLU of Michigan in...


Free Speech

Something to Celebrate: 2014's Civil Liberties Wins

December 29, 2014
While we’re certainly not shy at the ACLU of Michigan about making our voice heard, there are still many instances in which our work doesn’t always get widespread public recognition we hope for....

Will Police Body Cams Change Anything?

December 23, 2014
In recent months, it seems like a classic black American nightmare has been put on a feedback loop. With every acquittal of an accused killer cop, with every failure to indict on brutality charges,...