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Fewer Options for Proper Reproductive Health Care

March 19, 2015
As a woman, I hope for unfettered access to the medical care that is best for me and my body. Which is exactly why the growth of hospitals bound by religious belief is particularly harrowing....

One Year with the Woman I Love

March 18, 2015
Almost one year ago, I looked into the eyes of Glenna, the woman I have loved for 27 years and said those two magical words that would forever seal our union as one.It was a long time coming. But on...


LGBT Rights

#TBT: A Wonder in the Classroom

March 12, 2015
People with disabilities are too often treated as second class, shunned and segregated by physical barriers and social stereotypes. They are discriminated against in employment, schools, and housing...

Robbed by the Police: Civil Forfeiture Laws in Michigan

March 11, 2015
On May 31, 2008, approximately 130 members of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit gathered for a monthly event featuring music and dancing. Shortly after 2 a.m. Detroit police officers,...

Guest Blog: Cell Phone Records Can Show Where You Sleep and Where You Pray

March 10, 2015
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has become the latest federal appeals court to consider the question of whether law enforcement needs a warrant before it obtains cell phone location data. We have...

#TBT: Equality for All: American Must Live Up to Its Purpose

March 05, 2015
With a history of civil liberties stretching back almost a century, the ACLU has got plenty of amazing cases for #TBT. Every Thursday, we'll be sharing updates on cases pulled from our archives of...