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Why Did the Government Send Immigration Agents to Arrest (And Kill) A U.S. Citizen?

Against a backdrop of a now-familiar litany of acts of violence by the police against African Americans nationwide, the ACLU of Michigan is compelled to raise questions about the killing of 20-year-...

My Day (and Night) at the Supreme Court

April 29, 2015
As I lay in my sleeping bag on the sidewalk outside the Supreme Court on Monday in line for Tuesday’s marriage equality argument, my mind was racing. Primarily, I marveled about how far we’ve come as...


LGBT Rights

Shoshana Speaks: Mom Who Was Wrongly Arrested, Strip-Searched Tells of Ordeal

It’s almost four years from the day I was forced off an airplane in Detroit, held for hours in a cell, strip-searched, and interrogated without explanation. Yet when I talk or think about the...

A Zero-Sum Game: How Michigan’s School Discipline Laws Harm Special-Education Students

April 21, 2015
Special-education students in Michigan are being pushed out of public schools at an alarming rate—with far too many of them being driven directly in the school-to-prison pipeline. And increasingly,...

An Orwellian Grand Rapids Police Tactic Targets Black Americans for Simply Existing

April 15, 2015
Kirk McConer was arrested and jailed while talking to a friend outside a convenience store, where he had just purchased a soda. Tyrone Hightower was arrested and jailed after sitting in his car in...

#ThrowbackThursday: The Trouble with Tasers

April 14, 2015
For decades, law enforcement has struggled with the proper, legal application of non-lethal weapons. From rubber bullets to chemical mace, technology has come a long way, but there is still no...