Head shot of Mary Bejian


Director of Philanthropy



Mary Bejian joined the ACLU of Michigan staff in 2004 as the organization’s first full-time Field Organizer. After serving as the ACLU’s Field Director and Deputy Director, Bejian now heads the organization’s strategic fundraising efforts as Director of Philanthropy.

Coming from an advocacy background, Bejian seeks to strengthen the ACLU’s capacity through high-level donor engagement in advocacy campaigns and in bringing like-minded thought leaders and people of influence into the organization as lay leaders and financial supporters. In her diverse past lives at the ACLU, she has lead member recruitment efforts, managed online communication efforts, facilitated the work of issue advocacy campaigns and planned strategic educational and fundraising events.

Before joining the ACLU staff, Bejian spent nine years coordinating undercover housing discrimination testing at the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan. In a volunteer capacity, she served as Chairperson for the ACLU of Michigan Washtenaw County Branch for two years prior to joining the staff. In addition, Bejian has been instrumental in coalitions addressing voting rights, affirmative action, LGBT rights, immigrant rights and has worked on issues related to the politics of HIV/AIDS, sexual assault prevention and racial profiling. Bejian holds a degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.