In connection with a lawsuit against the Oakland County Jail, the ACLU of Michigan and our co-counsel at the Advancement Project, Civil Rights Corps, and the law firm of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, produced a video to provide honest and truthful information to people incarcerated in the Oakland County Jail to guide them in their decision of whether to accept a vaccine offered by the Jail.  The video consists primarily of a conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines between two returning citizens who work with Michigan Liberation as well as Dr. Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, a practitioner and assistant professor at MSU’s Department of Family Medicine and Dr. Debra-Furr Holden, a prominent epidemiologist, assistant dean for Public Health Integration at MSU, and Director of the Flint Center for Equity Health Solutions.  In the hopes that this video will be of assistance to others who are working to provide truthful information and combat myths about the vaccine, we offer a version of the video that is not specific to the Oakland Jail for public use.  We encourage and authorize advocates and carceral facilities and administrators to make use of this video.