Pride is belonging.  

Pride is inclusive

Pride is welcoming.  

Pride is diversity.  

Pride is community.   

Pride is everyone.  

Pride is celebrating the unique and diverse voices that make up the LGBTQ+ community and the work and wins we have all achieved together.  

Volunteer at a Pride Event this month

Of course there is much more to do, especially with the ongoing anti-LGBTQ+ laws sweeping the nation, book bans, and deeply harmful attacks on transgender children. It is also a crucial election year. The foundation of all our rights begins at the ballot box – and we must fight back by voting for those who share our values.  

One statewide election that demands every Michigander’s attention is the Michigan Supreme Court race.  This is the court that decided in favor of placing Reproductive Freedom for All on the ballot in 2022. It is the same court that expanded the state civil rights act to include explicit protections for sexual orientation. And it is the same court that issued a new rule that requires courts to address people before them by their proper pronouns. 

So, let’s celebrate these wins – and ensure they stay won – by showing our Pride by committing to voting our values and telling family and friends to do the same. From Motor City Pride to Muskegon to Ferndale Pride, we will be reminding folks to vote – and we hope to see you there! 

Celebrate good times, C’mon!