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February 12, 2024 Canton Public Library denies book ban requests
November 7, 2023 Hamtramck's flag ban may be unconstitutional, federal lawsuit says
November 7, 2023 Federal lawsuit argues Hamtramck’s LGBTQ+ Pride flag ban is unconstitutional
November 1, 2023 Book Banning Key Issue in School Board Races; Michigan Judge Dismisses Lawsuit to Remove 14 Books from School
October 26, 2023 Judge dismisses lawsuit against Michigan school district over ‘explicit’ books in library
August 2, 2023 Michigan libraries launch citizen initiative to fight book bans
August 1, 2023 New campaign urges Michiganders to protect their right to read and oppose book banning efforts
August 1, 2023 Michigan cities, schools are banning Pride flags in the name of neutrality. But is it?
July 3, 2023 ACLU argues West Michigan school district censored LGBTQ books
June 26, 2023 Campaign to ban books in Chippewa Valley continues

21, 2023

Hamtramck’s ban on Pride flags on city property ignores the elephant in the room
June 20, 2023 Fowlerville schools flag ban prompts backlash, social media bullying
June 15, 2023 Hartland Schools effectively bans pride displays, including flags and stickers
June 14, 2023 Detroit-area city bans LGBTQ+ pride flags on public property
June 14, 2023 Michigan board of education votes to push back against book bans
May 22, 2023 See which books are banned in Michigan schools
May 18, 2023 Book bans move from sex to war, as west Michigan school removes ‘Jarhead’
May 4, 2023 Poll finds majority of voters oppose efforts to ban books and attack libraries
March 16, 2023 Conservatives Are Trying to Ban Books in Your Town
March 1, 2023 Lowell Area Schools Board of Education refuses to ban LGBTQ-themed book
February 15, 2023 Brandywine school board suspends sexually explicit, violent books from entering libraries
February 13, 2023 Michigan’s Queer Librarians Speak Out on Book Bans, the


January 18, 2023 Book removed from Portage Public Schools after citizen complaint
November 15, 2022 Dearborn removes two books from school library after parent pressure
November 2, 2022

'It must be stopped': ACLU issues warning on book bans in Michigan schools

October 17, 2022 Spring Lake board votes to remove book on sexuality from high school library
September 30, 2022

Opinion | Have we forgotten what a public library is for?

September 27, 2022 Gwinn High School removes gay pride flags
August 11, 2022 Board votes to remove books from media centers
May 25, 2022 Hillsdale librarian resigns in wake of failed LGBTQIA+ children's book ban proposal
March 21, 2022 Book challenges led by far-right groups are surging in Michigan schools
March 6, 2022 School book banning efforts have reached levels not seen in decades
August 24, 2021 Chelsea school board votes to keep Toni Morrison book in library despite uproar

Part of our series: Hostile Territory: Mapping LGBTQ+ Censorship in Michigan