The American Civil Liberties Union and Yale University have teamed up to defend students right to access information as part of their Don’t Filter Me Project.

Schools across the country have been using web filters to block educational websites supportive of LGBT issues, including schools right here in Michigan. These illegal filters essentially silence LGBT voices from schools.

Watch the video to see how the ACLU is working to stop LGBT voices from being silenced.

As an individual who struggled with coming out while in high school, I support the Don't Filter Me campaign's goals of making sure LGBT teens get access to information and support.

High school is a challenging time for any student, and even more so when dealing with your sexuality. Filtering information that provides understanding for students who are struggling to find themselves is not only unfair but also dangerous.

Access at school is particularly critical for students who may feel uncomfortable or unable to access pro-LGBT information at home.

The Don't Filter Me Campaign not only raises awareness of school censorship, but also provides students a way to report their school districts abusive filtering of pro-LGBT materials.

This issue is not only critical for members of the LGBT community but for everyone who cares about the children's safety. Everyone deserves to be free from such illegal, discriminatory censorship.

By Nick Piotrowski, LGBT Project Leadership Committee member

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