Update: Because of members and supporters like you, lawmakers have delayed voting on this discriminatory legislation. We'll keep you posted if this package of bills is reintroduced.

Every child in Michigan deserves a loving forever family. That's why it's essential that we speak up now, as legislators consider bills that would block children from being adopted or fostered by supportive parents.

This Wednesday, February 25, legislators will vote on legislation that would give adoption agencies the power to deny couples the freedom to adopt or foster children who are in need of good, stable homes.

In America, we are free to believe whatever we want about God, faith, and religion, but that freedom doesn’t protect actions that harm others. Allowing adoption agencies to use religion to justify leaving vulnerable children out in the cold goes against our country’s core values.

Not only would these bills place the interests of adoption agencies before the best interests of children at risk, they would allow the use of taxpayer money to support discrimination against couples because of their marriage status, sexual orientation, and even their religion.

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