Politicians in Michigan are at it again – pushing a revised version of the sweeping anti-abortion bill that could threaten to close women’s health care centers. We beat back this bill before and now it is urgent these state lawmakers hear from us once more.

They silenced female legislators from speaking out in opposition to this bill. They prevented over 90 women from testifying against legislation that will directly affect them. They are ramming this bill through at the last possible moment in this year’s legislative session, despite public outcry. 

And worse, today legislators locked out members of the public, including the ACLU of Michigan’s own legislative director and others who wanted to advocate against the bill.

It’s unbelievable, but it seems some extremist politicians have been working overtime to ignore the voices of Michigan men and women.

If this bill passes, it shows politicians’ scorn for women and their families all across the country who stood up over the last year to protect women’s health against an onslaught of attacks. Our government should be working to support women and families. Instead, these politicians are playing a game of keep away with our health care services.

Let’s tell the Governor that if extremists insist on passing this dangerous bill, he needs to veto it. We can't let extremists put politics above women’s health.

By Elissa Berger, ACLU Advocacy and Policy Counsel

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