These are real stories of real people that will be affected by HB 4770. Take action and tell Governor Snyder to VETO this legislation.

Jolinda and Barbara have been together for 17 years. While Jolinda works for the City of Kalamazoo, Barbara works part-time so she can be home for their kids. Last year, Barbara was hit in the eye by a baseball and now takes medication to prevent possible blindness. If Governor Snyder signs HB 4770, Barbara will immediately lose the health insurance coverage that protects her sight.

Theresa has taught in the Ann Arbor Public School District for almost 30 years and covers her partner Carol and their six children on her health insurance. Carol has a history of breast cancer in her family. If Governor Snyder signs this bill, the family would have to pay approximately $5,000 out of pocket to ensure their family's health is protected.

Deb has worked for the Kent County Department of Human Services for 17 years and covers her partner Michelle through her employment with the State. Michelle recently underwent surgery and suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. If Governor Snyder signs this bill, it will be almost impossible for Michelle and Deb to find an affordable health care plan.

This legislation isn't about cutting costs. The Michigan Civil Service Commission indicates that the cost of providing this coverage to state employees is $600,000 a year, less than 2/10 of one percent of overall health care costs.

This legislation isn’t about economics. In fact, it will hurt Michigan's economy by making the state a hostile and unwelcoming place for potential employees and new business.

This is about discrimination. And as the elected leader of our State, Governor Snyder should not be signing off on discriminatory policy.

It’s not acceptable for Governor Snyder to sign the bill and take away health insurance away from these people. The bill is discriminatory. It is unconstitutional. It endangers the health and welfare of Michigan families.