So just what do we do all year?

If you’re ever wondered how the ACLU of Michigan is advancing civil liberties and rights in the courts throughout Michigan, the latest edition of the ACLU of Michigan legal docket should clear up all your questions right away.

Every year we publish a comprehensive listing of the amazing work done by our legal team and volunteer attorneys to protect our civil and constitutional rights.

In our January 2014 edition, you can read the stories of over a hundred cases involving education, poverty, racial justice, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, free speech, police misconduct and more.

Most cases are staffed by at least one attorney from the ACLU of Michigan, and in some cases by National ACLU attorneys. Additionally, cooperating attorneys have donated thousands of hours of pro bono time to help us bring these cutting-edge civil liberties cases. Talented lawyers, law students, and volunteers from throughout Michigan—and, in fact, all over the country—read our legal docket and are inspired to come work with us.

Often, I give people some time to let all the stories sink in after I show people our legal docket. Then I ask, “So, which case speaks to you?” Each person's answer is different, personal, unique. I'm grateful for the diversity and sheer breadth of our work. Each case is its own story, calling out for justice. 

Please read through our legal docket when you have a few moments to remind yourself why you support the ACLU. Then tell us on Facebook: what case speaks to you?

By Kary Moss, Executive Director