Roland Leggett, ACLU of Michigan Field Organizer

Happy holidays! You may not be used to hearing that in June but for a lot of people in the LGBT community, myself included, this time of year is almost as exciting as the real thing. That’s because June is the month where cities around the world celebrate their LGBT communities with pride events.

Pride month has come so far, that now it’s actually considered to be something of a national tradition. In fact, earlier this month the White House released a proclamation naming June as National Pride month!

We here at the ACLU of Michigan have some exciting things in store for Pride Month as well. It all started last night with what is the first in a series of LGBT themed events called “Libations and Liberties”, an ACLU cocktail party for the LGBT community and its straight allies. The event is being put on by our LGBT Project, which works to fight discrimination and move public opinion on LGBT rights through the courts, legislatures and public education. We will also be out and proud at Motor City Pride, State Pride in Lansing and Hotter than July. While we’ll have our usual goodies to give out, we have a special surprise in store this year as well.

This is also a great time of year take inventory of  the progress that has been made this year as well as some of the challenges. The country is still struggling to realize the promise of equality for all under the law. However, this Pride month we invite you to stand alongside us, as we continue to fight for the constitutional rights of all Americans.

It doesn’t hurt that you can have a little fun along the way at a pride event; so stop by and say hi!