We just got word that the Senate may vote on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) bill before session ends today. Some legislators are getting desperate, which is why they’re expected to sneak it into a deal on an unrelated bill.

We don’t have any time to spare. We need you to call Majority Leader Randy Richardville at (517) 373-3543 and tell him to not allow this "license to discriminate" bill to come for a vote today.

This is outrageous. With just hours before the Michigan legislature convenes for the year, they had to stoop to dirty tricks in order to get this discriminatory and harmful bill passed.

It’s further proof that they know that the people of Michigan are overwhelmingly opposed to this bill, which if signed into law, will allow individuals to use their religious beliefs as an excuse to discriminate against people—including people who are LGBT.

We can’t let them get away with it. Every second counts, so we need you to take action right now before this bill is called for a vote.

Just yesterday, Majority Leader Richardville told reporters that RFRA wasn’t on his agenda. Call him today to ensure that he doesn’t go back on his word.

By Rana Elmir, Deputy Director