Across Michigan, cities and townships are passing anti-discrimination policies that respect the rights of LGBT men and women. As of this week, the largest county in Michigan has joined them in standing for equality!

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano signed an order expanding equal employment and non-discrimination workplace policies to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The county follows Washtenaw and Ingham counties in stepping in and compensating for an outdated state law.

Legislators passed the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act in 1976 to protect Michiganders against discrimination on the basis of religion, race, age, sex, or marital status.

In a glaring omission, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act does not protect our state's LGBT community from discrimination.

Under the current state law, an LGBT man or woman can be:

  • legally fired from their job,
  • denied employment based on who they love,
  • denied a place to live,
  • denied a place to dine.

The ACLU of Michigan is committing to ending this injustice with the Don't Change Yourself: Change the Law campaign. We're working with our members, supporters, and a coalition of civil rights organizations to tell legislators to update the law. 

Until our state law gets with the times, we celebrate each and every city, township and county that respects every Michigander's right to earn a living and contribute to their communities without fear of discrimination.