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November 1, 2019



November 1, 2019


LANSING — The American Civil Liberties of Michigan (ACLU) applauds Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) for the introduction of the Drive SAFE bills, which would allow for undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. Prior to 2008, Michigan immigrants were able to obtain drivers licenses, regardless of their status. These bills are supported by local Michigan coalition, Drive Michigan Forward. If passed, Michigan would become the 14th state to enact legislation to re-implement drivers licenses.


Kimberly Buddin, policy counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union has this reaction:


“Equal access to driver’s licenses will allow undocumented immigrants and individuals without access to documentation to prove their legal presence to lead fuller lives. These bills will make our roads safer, raise state revenue and reduce the risk that a routine traffic stop results in arrest, detention, or even unjustified deportation. This bill would help make Michigan a safer and more welcoming state for all.”