In a unanimous decision late yesterday, the Michigan Supreme Court struck down the City of Wyoming’s ordinance that bans medical marijuana because it directly violates the state’s Medical Marihuana Act.

The ordinance was challenged by American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan on behalf of John Ter Beek, a retired attorney and medical marijuana patient who suffers from diabetes and a neurological disorder that causes neuropathy and severe pain. The Michigan Court of Appeals previously struck down the ban. 

The following can be attributed to Dan Korobkin, deputy legal director of the ACLU of Michigan:

“Thousands of sick patients will now continue to have access to the pain relief they need. These patients and their caregivers have been waiting for this day since 2008 when people across the state overwhelmingly voted to protect patients from being punished or penalized for using marijuana to treat their medical conditions. This unanimous decision by the Michigan Supreme Court rejects the misguided efforts of a few local officials to undo the results of that historic election. All cities should take notice and immediately stop treating patients who are following the law like criminals.”