In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, social--justice proponents are considering some of the best ways to honor andcommemorate the ruling while also keeping supporters energized for the work ahead.

Kary Moss, executive director of the ACLU of MIchigan, has an idea: Shortly after the ruling was announced, Moss called on the nation to officially recognize June 26 as a national day of observance of LGBT rights. She noted that, in addition to the High Court decision, June 26 also marks other milestones in the fight against LGBT discrimination.

“I think we need to call June 26 LGBT Equality Day,” said Moss (pictured right). “This is the day that Supreme Court, in Lawrence Vs. Texas, made it clear that sodomy laws are unconstitutional. This is the day that the Supreme Court, in Edith Windsor, declared that DOMA was unconstitutional. And this the day, today, that marriage equality is legal in all the states of the land.”

While much of the nation is still celebrating the historic decision, others have already begun to echo Moss' sentiment.