April 10, 2002 - Press Release

The transcripts to prior immigration hearings regarding Rabih Haddad remain out of the public’s reach, at least for the time being. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the portion of the district court’s order requiring the Government to turn over the documents is temporarily stayed pending further order of the Court of Appeals.

"I wouldn’t read too much in to this,” said Kary Moss, ACLU of Michigan executive director.  “The Sixth Circuit is attempting to preserve the status quo as they consider it and they are rightfully taking their time to decide this case in a deliberate and thorough manner.”

The Court will hear the merits of the Government’s appeal on an expedited schedule.  Supplemental memos regarding the motion to stay must be delivered to the Court by April 15; the government’s brief is due by April 22; the ACLU’s brief on behalf of the Detroit News, the Metrotimes, and Congressman John Conyer’s Jr. is due by May 2, and the reply brief is due by May 7.

As a result of this development today, Mr. Haddad’s next deportation hearing, rescheduled for April 24, is likely to be moved again to a later date.