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Ann Mullen, ACLU of Michigan,, 313-400-8562

June 13, 2024


DETROIT, MI - A coalition of voting rights advocacy organizations that includes the ACLU of Michigan, Promote the Vote Michigan, the Legal Defense Fund, the Campaign Legal Center, and the Brennan Center for Justice, applaud the Senate Committee on Elections and Ethics for passing the Michigan Voting Rights Act out of committee this morning.  

Now, it is more important than ever that we pass this critical piece of legislation. Despite recent progress on voting rights, voters of color, voters with disabilities, and voters whose first language is not English, still face barriers to the ballot box in Michigan. A state voting rights act will provide Michigan with strong, comprehensive protections for the right to vote. It will strengthen Michigan’s democracy and cement Michigan’s status as a national leader protecting the fundamental right to vote.  

As several states move backwards with severe voting restrictions and Congress lacks the will to restore the federal Voting Rights Act, the Michigan Legislature must do everything it can to ensure that all voters can cast their ballot. We urge the Michigan Senate to promptly take the next step and pass this critical piece of legislation.