In March 2015 students at the University of Oklahoma captured the country’s attention when they were caught on video singing racist songs on a bus. Among those who saw and were affected by these antics were a few white students at Bloomfield Hills Middle School who were inspired to search out and repeat racist jokes and slurs on their own school bus. The target of their harassment was a 13-year-old African American student who had the presence of mind to record their behavior on his phone.

When his experience was reported in the media, other families of color stepped forward to complain of what they described as pervasive racism in the school district. After the ACLU of Michigan met with some of these families and then with school administrators, in July 2015 we wrote a letter to the school district recommending a series of reforms, including training for staff, monitoring and tracking of student behavior, curriculum changes, and increasing diversity of personnel.

(ACLU Attorney Mark Fancher.)

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