Meet Lakyrra Magee, a Social Theory & Practice and Women Studies dual major at the University of Michigan. Lakyrra is one of the ACLU of Michigan’s undergrad interns for the summer of 2016.

How did you get interested in social justice work?

I’ve always had a passion for helping to represent marginalized and oppressed people. Being that I identify as a woman of color, women’s rights issues and racial justice work hit close to home for me. I couldn’t envision a life without social justice and advocacy.

What brought you to the ACLU of Michigan?

Last year I volunteered with the ACLU of Michigan on a few occasions—I volunteered at the 4th of July parade as well as participated in a demonstration concerning the curfew for minors during last year’s fireworks . I feel like the ACLU’s work aligns with what I want to do, and the friendly, welcoming environment is what truly brought me here.

In what ways does your work with ACLU, correspond with what you plan to do in the future?

Much of what I’ve learned here has been regarding legislation and policy. I believe the work I’ve done here will be beneficial in the long run as I plan to go to law school after undergrad, and possibly become a legal advisor of sorts for an organization that advocates for civil liberties.

What has your experience at the ACLU of Michigan been like?

I’ve learned quite a bit! I’ve been introduced to everything from laws and policies in the state of Michigan to potential legislation that has yet to come. Everyone is so kind and willing to answer any questions I have regarding the work of the organization—which has all aided in making this experience just that much better!

What civil liberties issue most interests you?

There is no specific civil liberties issue that I could see myself only focusing on, but I’m very passionate about racial justice work, women’s right and LGBTQ rights—if there was a way to mix these issues together that would be great! I believe these are all issues that equally need to be addressed, nonetheless I plan to spend my life advocating for them all.