Last week, the Michigan Legislature passed a slew of dangerous bills that, if signed by the Governor, will have devastating impacts on our state's workers, women and families. This isn't the Michigan we voted for.

Join thousands of other Michiganders as we rally in Lansing tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th to hold legislators accountable for their recent attacks.

Headed to Lansing? Before you make the trip, make sure that you Know Your Protest Rights.

At the ACLU of Michigan, we want everyone to be able to exercise their right to assemble, protest and be heard without interference.

Read our Know Your Protest Rights guide to get a handle on important issues including:

  • What is protected speech?
  • Where can I legally protest?
  • How can I ensure I'm treated fairly by the police?

The best way to prevent conflict is through knowledge, but if you think your rights have been violated, or if you witness someone else’s rights being violated, please contact us at or call us at 313.578.6802.