Clare Molnar is on a mission. She is intent on dismantling what she calls a “culture of shame and secrecy” that surrounds abortion. And she’s doing it one conversation at a time. 

“I talk about my abortions almost every day,” says Molnar, who had the word ‘abortion’ and a heart tattooed on her arm to spur conversations.  

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Her story, and the need to remove from the books dozens of Michigan laws that severely restrict access to abortion in our state, is highlighted in a new video just released by the ACLU of Michigan. The way Ms. Molnar sees it, the laws – which include a 24-hour waiting period, the mandatory presentation of medically biased information, and parental consent – implicitly send the harmful and false message that there is something inherently bad about this common medical procedure.  

Storytelling: The Story of Self, Story of Us, Story of Now

Wednesday, May 17, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

Learn the importance of storytelling in reproductive justice advocacy and learn best practices for using your story to motivate others to fight for this fundamental right. Once you’ve built your story of self, you’ll have a chance to practice sharing your story while phone-banking to talk to Michigan voters and asking them to contact their lawmakers about expanding access to abortion care in Michigan.

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Ms. Molnar, who had an abortion by choice at age 17, and was advised by her doctors to have another five years later, knows that whatever the reason, abortion care is vital. She also knows that, even if abortion is legal, that means little if laws remain that stifle access to care. That is especially true for marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people living on low incomes, LGBTQ+ people, young people, and people living in rural areas – all of whom are disproportionately harmed by the current laws. 

Which is why Ms. Molnar is urging you to attend our webinar series, where you will find out how to advocate for abortion access on May 17 and May 23, via Zoom, from 6-8 p.m. We, along with Ms. Molnar, hope to see you there to keep the momentum for reform going so that anyone anywhere in Michigan has access to abortion care.