Everyone knows that the Supreme Court is a big deal—the decisions that the highest court in our land makes affect every individual in our country. 

Rulings made in the Supreme Court influence the ACLU’s work greatly and the we've been involved in hundreds of Supreme Court cases.

We're celebrating since the Court agreed with us and invalidated corporate patents on naturally occurring genes, but still biting our nails waiting for rulings to come down that will impact LGBT equality across the country.

It can be tricky to stay informed, but just follow the simple steps listed below to get the news on current Supreme Court cases and how they can affect you and your community.

  • Check out The Supreme Court's Docket for the current term to review cases that are both pending and decided.

  • Read SCOTUSblog. SCOTUSblog (Supreme Court of the United States blog) is a public service that covers the U.S. Supreme Court without bias. The site uploads several blog posts a day, and sometimes even has live blogging of important Supreme Court events.

  • Check out their Plain English: Cases Made Simple page if SCOTUSblog has too much lawyer-talk for your liking.

  • Follow @ACLU on Twitter and take a look at recent blog posts concerning the Supreme Court to understand our involvement in and opinion on current cases.

With these resources, we hope you'll celebrate with us as favorable verdicts come out of Court, protecting and expanding civil liberties and rights for us all.