The ACLU doesn't believe that voters intended to take health benefits away from families when they voted on Proposal 2 in 2004. And this is just what we'll argue in front of the Michigan Supreme Court this Tuesday, November 6.

National Pride at Work v Granholm et al is our case asking the courts to declare that the 2004 Proposal 2 does not prohibit public employers from offering benefits to the partners and children of lesbian and gay employees. The ACLU of Michigan brought this case after Attorney General Mike Cox issued a ruling stating his belief that health benefits for same-sex couples were not allowable under Proposal 2. The Ingham County Circuit Court ruled in our favor, but the decision was reversed by the Michigan Court of Appeals in February of this year.

We urge you to do two things:

  1. Attend the hearing on Tuesday. The hearing will be held in downtown Lansing at the Hall of Justice, 925 W. Ottawa. The Court begins hearing arguments at 9:30 a.m., but our case will be heard at approximately 11:00 a.m. It is important for the Court to see that real people care deeply about this issue and are affected by the outcome of this case. Read about the people involved in this case here.
  2. Write a short letter to your local paper today expressing your support for equality. The most effective letters are brief, heartfelt statements. Tell the editor that all people deserve equal treatment and that it was never the voters' intent to deny health coverage to families. Get letter writing tips and links to Michigan newspapers here.

This is a fight about real people our friends, our neighbors, our families. Please make your voice heard on Tuesday.