Learn how you can help expand civil rights in 2024.

As someone who has been with the ACLU of Michigan for 15 years advocating for the passage of laws that protect and advance civil liberties, I have never seen progress in the Legislature like I did in 2023.  

Particularly important was the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, a package of bills that eliminated many dangerous, medically unnecessary obstacles to abortion previously on the books. We also saw incredible policy wins to advance LGBTQ+ rights, juvenile justice, and access to the vote. 

The new year is brimming with opportunities to keep the momentum going. Here is just some of what we hope to do:  

  • Pass the Michigan Voting Rights Act to ensure equal access to the ballot box for all Michiganders; 
  • Expand Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act to include the Legislature and Governor’s Office to make state government more transparent; 
  • Push Drive SAFE legislation, which will make Michigan driver's licenses and state identification cards available to applicants who do not have proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status, past the finish line; 
  • Safeguard libraries from censorship; and 
  • Eliminate barriers the trans community faces when trying to update identity documents. 

Achieving all this and more is an ambitious agenda, but victory on all these fronts is within reach with your help.  When critical votes are approaching, we will ask you to contact your lawmakers and urge them to pass legislation that will further advance and protect civil liberties for all.  

You came through last year in a big way and we are counting on you to do the same again in 2024.  Thanks for staying with us!