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Dana Chicklas, 

August 31, 2021

DETROIT – The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) along with a statewide voting rights coalition, denounces the anti-voter petition drive launched Monday by Michigan Republicans. The “Secure MI Vote” signature drive is an extension of the state legislature’s larger voter suppression package. The petition drive will make it harder for all eligible voters in Michigan to cast their ballot and make their voices heard if enough signatures are collected to place the measure before the legislature or on the ballot and is passed.  
Merissa Kovach, ACLU of Michigan policy strategist, has this reaction: 
“Together we can stop this anti-voter effort that attempts to undo all the progress Michiganders have made to modernize our elections so that every eligible voter can cast their ballot. The record voter turnout last November is proof of how far our state has come, along with the 250 audits that confirmed the security and integrity of our election. We urge Michiganders to decline to sign this anti-voter petition that would take our state backwards and disproportionately make it harder for BIPOC, rural, and senior voters to cast their ballot. Michigan already has a voter ID law on the books, in effect for more than a decade, and it’s working as it was intended — keeping our elections secure and accessible. We urge Michiganders to defend our right to vote.”