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October 28, 2020

DETROIT – Michigan registered voters can vote without photo identification if they do not have picture identification, or they did not bring it with them to vote. The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) sent a letter to clerks today urging them to remind voters they do not need photo ID to vote by posting clear, accurate information on this Michigan law at all voting locations including polling places, clerk’s offices, and satellite voting locations. 
“If you are a registered voter in Michigan, you have the right to vote with or without photo ID – it’s that simple,” said Dan Korobkin, ACLU of Michigan legal director. “This election is historic. We are urging all clerks to fully implement the law and protect the right to vote by accurately communicating this information to Michigan citizens.” 
In the letter to clerks, the ACLU noted that every year it receives complaints that voters are told by election officials that they must have photo ID to vote. The ACLU asked clerks to educate the public about voting rights by doing the following: 

  • Post at all polling places the “notice to voters” from the Secretary of State’s website, which correctly informs voters that they can vote without a picture ID by signing a simple affidavit form. 
  • Prominently display the correct voter identification rules on their website.  
  • Ensure that all staff and poll workers are trained to provide the affidavit if a voter does not have or bring photo ID. 
  • Widely publicize the fact that registered voters without a picture ID may vote in the November 3 general election by featuring the information on the affidavit option in any and all local publications prior to Election Day.  

If any Michigander experiences issues while voting, call the nonpartisan Election Protection Hotline: (866) OUR – VOTE.  
It is easier than ever to vote in Michigan. All eligible voters can register to vote and vote early this week, over the weekend, or cast their ballot on Election Day. If voters have their absentee ballots in hand, they must drop it off in person at their local clerk’s office or secure drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day – it is too late to rely on mailing absentee ballots being delivered in time.