Statement from ACLU of Michigan Executive Director, Kary Moss, on today's charges in the Flint Water Crisis:

"The criminal charges brought today against two high-ranking state health officials in the Flint water crisis send a strong message that public officials are accountable for the decisions they make. Unfortunately, the State has not yet taken responsibility for how the water crisis has put the education of all Flint public school children at risk. 

The State continues to oppose the lawsuit filed by Flint parents to ensure all children are proactively screened, evaluated, and receive services and programs to address their needs.  The parents lawsuit also addresses the failure to provide students with disabilities the special education services to which they are entitled to under federal and state law.  And the ACLU of Michigan and Education Law Center, attorneys for the Flint parents, continue to press the State to publicly verify that the water supply in Flint school buildings is no longer placing the health and well-being of children, teachers and staff at further risk. 

Flint children are entitled to – and deserve – better from the State."