ACLU Statement on Senate Bills 285, 303, 304 


DETROIT – Today, the Michigan Senate passed anti-voter legislation designed to make it harder to vote. Specifically, Senate Bills 285, 303, and 304 will remove the option to vote by signing a simple affidavit, either at the polls or by mail via absentee ballot. The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) along with a voting rights coalition statewide denounces these bills, which are part of a larger voter suppression package. This legislation will make it harder for all eligible voters in Michigan to cast their ballot and make their voices heard.  
Merissa Kovach, ACLU of Michigan policy strategist, has this reaction: 
“Michigan Republican senators are dangerously pushing anti-voter legislation in retaliation to record voter turnout last November, which was one of the most secure elections in our state’s history. Michigan legislators must protect the right to vote for all eligible voters, not suppress it. Michigan already has a voter ID law on the books, which has been in effect for more than a decade and working as it was intended — keeping our elections secure and accessible. Senate Bills 285, 303, and 304 are designed to take away choices on Election Day by removing the option to vote by signing an affidavit, which will not only make it harder to vote, but disproportionately impact voters who are low-income and people of color.”