Taking the bar exam is stressful for everyone. But it can be physically painful for women who are breastfeeding. Without the opportunity to express breast milk, many breastfeeding women taking the test will likely experience extreme pain and discomfort, causing serious distraction that could negatively impact their test results, and posing a risk to their health.  In July 2015 the ACLU of Michigan wrote to the Michigan State Board of Law Examiners asking them to revise their public information and policies to make clear that nursing moms can seek breastfeeding accommodations while taking the bar exam. The Board of Law Examiners has agreed to do so, and is also considering our request to allow breastfeeding test-takers “stop the clock” break time, so that they can pump during the exam if medically necessary. 

(ACLU of Michigan Attorney Miriam Aukerman; National ACLU Attorneys Galen Sherwin and Lenora Lapidus; Sabrina Andrus of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.)

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