You’ve seen the news. Missouri has joined Georgia, Ohio and Alabama in passing extreme bans that criminalize doctors and make abortion a felony.  

These bans are part of an orchestrated strategy by anti-abortion politicians to push abortion care out of reach. Across the country, they have been chipping away at our reproductive rights at a devastating rate.

We cannot allow Michigan to be next.

Call your lawmaker: 517-201-2258

Anti-abortion politicians are counting on us to get tired, to lose hope. But it is critical that we stay in the fight. Remember – abortion is still legal in all 50 states. There are actions we can take to protect your constitutional rights.

This Tuesday, we will join in a National Day of Action to fight for safe abortion access. Now is the time to call your lawmaker at 517-201-2258 and demand that they protect reproductive freedom in Michigan.

Then, join us Tuesday in Ann Arbor to rally for reproductive freedoms with Cecile Richards in the Diag from 5.30 p.m. We are partnering with Planned Parenthood, NextGen, Equality Michigan and others to fight back against this blatant attempt to gut Roe and criminalize health care.

Together we say: Stop the bans.