Even though I'm strongly pro-choice, I don't expect everyone to agree with my position. Our country thrives on free and honest debate.

That's why I'm outraged by a rash of legislation across the country that pretends to protect and inform women, while really intended to restrict a woman's right to control her reproductive health. 

Today, the Michigan House is voting on a disingenuous package of bills that claim to protect women in abusive relationships, but is actually a shameful attempt to take away women's right to make decisions. Dubbed the "Coercive Abortion Prevention Act," these bills would force doctors to act as detective and investigate the women who seek their care for signs of coercion and abuse.

Despite politicians' assurances that these restrictions are necessary to ensure that women's decisions are free and well-informed, it's never been about that. Doctors who provide abortions already work hard to ensure that every woman has the information she needs to make the best decision for herself and her family.

We all agree that no woman should be forced or coerced into a decision that is not in her best interest. That's why it is already illegal to threaten or force someone to undergo a medical procedure against his or her own will. 

This unnecessary legislation doesn't protect women: it limits access to reproductive health care and discourages doctors from offering abortion services.

We may not all agree about abortion, but we should all agree that politicians should be honest about the motives behind their legislation. 

Whether you are a man or a woman; whether you are already a parent or think you might become one in the future; if you care about your right to make your own decisions and think that legislators should stay out of the examining room, I ask that you help get the word out.

By Maggie McGuire, Communications Associate