The Michigan Legislature is once again putting political gamesmanship ahead of women’s health.

Today, the House and Senate will vote on bills prohibiting a rarely used, yet medically necessary abortion method.

As if that's not bad enough, the bills are useless since the procedure is already banned by federal law.

Take Action: Tell your elected officials that this ban is a waste of time.

HB 4109 and SB 160 are the legislature’s fifth attempt to ban an abortion method already prohibited under federal law. Not only are these bills unnecessary and redundant, they don't provide an exception to protect a woman’s health.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an identical federal abortion ban in 2007 that did not include a health exception—overturning thirty plus years of precedent that required abortion restrictions to include health exceptions.

This attempt to play politics with women's health is out of step with mainstream values and runs counter to the strong message from voters to focus on jobs and the economy.
Instead of focusing on divisive political issues, the legislature should work together to promote common-sense polices that support a woman's ability to make informed and responsible health care decisions.

Make your voice heard: Tell your legislator to protect women's health.

By Shelli Weisberg, Legislative Director