Texas: the state where everything is bigger, including anti-woman legislation.

It seems as though there is a competition between states of who can legislate the most extreme violations on women’s health.

After a slow start, Texas jumped to the top of that disturbing list this week, as legislators called a special session just to push bills restricting women's rights into law.

People in the Lone Star State aren't taking this quietly. Hundreds of women and men have gathered at the Capitol to protest a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, could lead to the closure of nearly all abortion clinics in Texas, and puts up numerous other barriers preventing women from getting the health care they need.

Inside the Texas Legislature, courageous Senator Wendy Davis is standing for women's rights, launching a 13 straight hour filibuster, through midnight tonight. 

For all that time Davis will have to stand in place at her desk, without leaning on it, and talk or read, without so much as a bathroom break. So she quite literally needs all the support she can get standing up to the politicians who think they know more than women and their doctors.

We feel your pain, Texas, and stand with you in solidarity. Just one year ago, Michigan rushed through not one, but a whole package of bills, that restricted access to abortions and threatened women’s health centers across the state. 

It is extremely important that the bills in Texas are not signed into law, implementing yet another anti-women’s health precedent for other states to imitate. Texas’s situation is a serious and atrocious assault against women that demands action from all supporters of women’s full access to health care.

Take action now and fight back against the attacks on women's health throughout the country!

Abortion is a complicated issue, but the facts are simple: limiting access to safe abortions does not decrease the number of abortions performed, it just forces women to seek medical care that may be dangerous or illegal. Legislation that attacks women’s health and safety must be stopped immediately.

 Stand with Senator Wendy Davis against attacks on women's health