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April 15, 2019


The ACLU of Michigan, co-lead counsel Covington & Burling LLP and ACLU national filed a federal class action lawsuit against the 36th District Court in Detroit for violating the constitutional rights of people who are presumed innocent but are confined to jail because they cannot afford to pay bail following their arrest. 

The lawsuit seeks an overhaul of an unconstitutional cash bail system that discriminates against poor people, denying them their constitutional right to an attorney and locking them up because they cannot afford to pay while allowing those who have money, and are facing the same charges, to go free.

This filing is a major step in our Smart Justice Campaign, dedicated to halving Michigan’s jail and prison population, and ending racial disparities in the criminal legal system.

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Dan Korobkin, Deputy Legal Director, ACLU of Michigan

Aaron Lewis, Co-lead Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP

Kushawn Moore, Sr., Father of Plaintiff Kushawn Moore, Jr.

Deleda Moore, Stepmother of Plaintiff Kushawn Moore, Jr.

Robin Jackson, Sister of Plaintiff Starmanie Jackson

Hillary Oliver, Godmother of Plaintiff Starmanie Jackson

H. James Telman, Pastor and Mentor to Djibril Niyomugabo

Monday, April 15, Noon

ACLU Detroit office: 2966 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, 48201

Read about class action lawsuit, attached exhibits, and stories of those affected by Michigan’s broken bail system here: