The ACLU maintains a presence in Lansing that enables us to pass policies that expand civil liberties or prevent the passage of policies that are hostile to civil liberties. Through traditional lobbying techniques lobbying, advocacy, and advocacy the legislative program seeks to advance and protect our civil liberties.

The ACLU of Michigan’s legislative program works on a breadth of issues. To give you an idea of what we’ve been up to, we have provided a brief summary, our position on the issue and where the bill is currently situation in the legislative process.

Insurance Ban on Abortion

Religious Refusal - Senate Bill 136

Parental Consent for Judicial Waiver - Senate Bill 254

Hospital Requirement for Abortion Past 19 Weeks - House Bill 4162

Diagnostic Ultrasound Bill - House Bill 4187

Coercion Bill - House Bills 4598 and 4599

Emergency Contraceptive Education Act - Senate Bill 370 and House Bill 4722

Comprehensive Sex Education - Senate Bill 371 and House Bill 4721

Employee Contraceptive Privacy Act - Senate Bill 732 and House Bill 5416

Breastfeeding in Public Places - Senate Bill 674

Click here to view or download the full Legislative Docket: Reproductive Rights