Once again, your lawmakers in Lansing are pushing a package of bills that would endanger women’s lives by ending their access to reproductive healthcare throughout our state.

Instead of allowing women’s medical decisions to be between them and their physicians, legislators sponsored two dangerous and illegal bills that are intended to criminalize the safest method of abortion for many women seeking care in Michigan.

If passed, House Bills 4320 and 4321 would ban a highly safe procedure supported by years of research and medical practice. It would also target physicians that provide critical reproductive health care.

Tell your MI House representative to VOTE NO on the Abortion Bans

We’ve seen what happens when politicians interfere in these deeply personal medical decisions.  In states that have passed other abortion bans, some women and their families have been put into horrific  situations – needing to end a pregnancy, but unable to do so.

The Michigan House of Representatives will vote on these unconstitutional and unsafe bills in the coming weeks.

Please help us send a message to Lansing legislators: A woman’s health, not politics, should guide important medical decisions at every point in pregnancy.